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Rent is due on or before the first day of each month during the term of the Lease. If rental payment is not paid by 5 pm on the fifth of the month, Resident shall pay, as additional rent, a late charge of 10% of the gross amount due plus interest thereon equal to 1.5% per month. Resident shall also pay to Management, as additional rent, $45.00 handling fee and a 10% late charge for each returned check given for payment of rent or other charges hereunder.



1214 W. 39th Street-A, 1214 W. 39th Street-B, 1255 W. 39th Street-A, 1255 W. 39th Street-B, 1407 W. 42nd Street, 1419 W. 42nd Street-A, 1419 W. 42nd Street-B, 1420 W. 42nd Street-A, 1420 W. 42nd Street-B, 1425 W. 42nd Street-A, 1425 W. 42nd Street-B, 1427 W. 42nd Street-A, 1427 W. 42nd Street-B, 1433 W. 41st Street-A, 1433 W. 41st Street-B, 1518 W. 42nd Street, 1521 W. 42nd Street, 2800 Colonial Ave.-1, 2800 Colonial Ave.-2, 2810 Colonial Ave.-1, 2810 Colonial Ave.-2, 2810 Colonial Ave.-3, 2810 Colonial Ave.-4, 2810 Colonial Ave.-5, 2810 Colonial Ave.-6, 4004 Bowdens Ferry Rd.-1, 4004 Bowdens Ferry Rd.-2, 4004 Bowdens Ferry Rd.-3, 4004 Bowdens Ferry Rd.-4, 4220 Bowdens Ferry Rd.-A, 4220 Bowdens Ferry Rd.-B, 836 West 43rd Street-A, 836 West 43rd Street-B


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